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容量: 1 毫升 (80-100啖)
濃度: 200mg CBD

Super Lemon Haze品種的特徵:

氣味:柑桔味,熱情奔放,並帶有一點甜美的味道。 酸但甜,像檸檬糖
效果:快樂,振奮,富有創造力,朝氣蓬勃; 輕鬆愉快
常見用途:當您想增強精力和活力時,Super Lemon Haze CBD是您的理想選擇。 對於那些已經緊張起來的人來說並不理想。 這是人們通常希望在工作中獲得靈感或工作靈感時會遇到的一種常見的CBD壓力。 非入睡用!


Serving Size: 1ml (80-100puff)

Each bottle contain 200mg CBD

Common characteristics of the Super Lemon Haze strain:
Scent: citrusy (of course!), zesty, and a bit sweet to top it all off; tart but sweet, like a lemon sour candy
Effect: Happy, uplifting, creative, soaring and energetic; a relaxed euphoria
Common uses: When you want to get a boost of energy and liveliness, Super Lemon Haze CBD is the strain for you. Not ideal for those who are already wound up tight. This is a common strain of CBD that people turn to when they want a pep in their step or some inspiration at work. It’s certainly not the strain that will help put you to sleep!

CBD Vape Oil Super Lemon Haze 1ml

HK$280.00 一般價格