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產品名稱: CBD油劑500mg放鬆配方
每支容量: 30毫升
每支CBD濃度: 500毫克
每次使用劑量: 1毫升(1支滴管)
每次使用劑量所含CBD: 17mg
可使用次數: 30次
成份: CBD, 椰子油(中鏈甘油三酸酯), 植物萜烯

使用方法: 每天1次,每次1支滴管滴在舌底,含著1分鐘再呑下即可。有需要時可自行增加使用次數及份量。
起效時間: 15-30分鐘
效果維持時間: 4-6小時

生產地: 美國


基因我們無法改變,要令身體健康,除了充足休息,亦可以從飲食著手。Olanda CBD油劑提煉自漢麻植物(火麻仁就是漢麻種子),這種天然純粹的植物營養素對人體有多種功效。在痛症、炎症、情緒紓緩上特別有效。配上中鏈甘油三酸酯油(MCT Oil),能大大加強身體上情緒上的放鬆效果。


痛症: 肌肉痛、關節痛、生理痛
炎症: 濕疹、過敏
精神狀態: 精神緊張、焦慮、燥動、鬱悶
其他可用以紓緩症狀所帶來的不適: 自閉症、癲癇症、柏金遜症

Product Name: CBD Oil 500mg Relaxing Formula
Capacity: 30 ml
Concentration of CBD : 500mg
Dosage per dose: 1 ml (1 dropper)
CBD per dose: 17mg
Available times: 30 times
Ingredients: CBD, coconut oil (MCT), plant-Derived Terpenes
Country of origin: USA

Product description:
Urban people have a stressful life. Long hours of work make the body unable to get enough rest, resulting in various problems to our body, from muscle soreness, emotional tension, anxiety, and depression. More serious there are tumors and other conditions.

We can't change our genes. But we can start with a good diet to keep our bodies healthy. Olanda CBD oil is extracted from hemp plants. This natural and pure phytonutrient has various effects on the human body. It is especially effective in pain, inflammation and emotional relief. Combined with MCT oil, which can greatly enhance the emotional relaxation of the body.

How to use: Shake gently before each use. Place 1 dropper under the tongue, hold for 60 seconds. Use once daily, or as recommended by your health provider.

Onset time: 15-30 minutes
Effect duration: 4-6 hours

Suitable for health-conscious people

Adaptation symptoms:
Pain: muscle pain, joint pain, menstrual pain
Inflammation: eczema, allergies
Mental state: nervousness, anxiety, dryness, depression
Depends on different people, might help to relieve the discomfort caused by symptoms: autism, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease

CBD油劑500mg 特效放鬆配方

HK$580.00 一般價格
  • 本產品不含四氫大麻酚(THC)及其衍生物。

    This product contains 0% THC.
    This product is non-psychoactive.
    Store product in cool place.
    Do not substitute for a varied diet.
    Store out of reach of young children.
    This product is a food supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.