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受痛症困擾,包括偏頭痛,肌肉痛,生理痛,長期疼痛等, 受炎症影響,例如皮膚發炎,濕疹,關節炎, 壓力大,精神緊張,焦慮,失眠

Hong Kong is world known as a fast-paced city, people usually lead a busy life with stress and other living concerns with few ways to ease physical and mental stress. We, like our customers we have in mind, focus on the wellbeing and development of the our body and mind, for which we see an increasing need in the modern society.

At Olanda International, we strive to promote and popularize the medicinal use of plants as it has been long been used by our ancestors as an effective way of healing. Now with the aid of the advancement in modern technology in combination with herbal knowledge, we can offer a greater range of natural remedies to our customers.

Olanda International is the Hong Kong Exclusive distributor of CanabidolTM - a brand based on trust and intergrity, committed to producing only the finest and purest quality cannabis food supplements while never compromising on quality.

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